1) Write your user name (nome utente) and your password by using the appropriate boxes

2) If your company is buying different kind of products, each one is filed depending from the range: Built-in (for ovens, hobs, hoods, dishwashers, coffee machines, fridges) and Freestanding (for the different ranges of standing alone appliances: Maxima, Professional, Curva and Dolcevita).

3) Products are usually listed with code numbers followed by model name. Once you have found the files you are looking for, you are free to download them for the only uses authorized by our company.

4) Each model is represented by a technical drawing and a component list. Drawings are composed by one or more tables, depending from the product. They usually report all possible features of the range they belong to. This means that you could sometimes find also references for parts/accessories that you have not chosen for your products (i.e. rotisserie and/or other optionals). To locate the component you need, look first for its reference number on the drawing. Please pay attention to the articles that have a limit: each list usually indicates the date when they have been replaced by a
new/different component (last column).

5) In case of any doubt, please contact us by emailing or phoning the person/s you have got as referent at our company